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Bracelets & More! NR Studio, April 27

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Unlock your creativity in our "Bracelets and More!" class designed for ages 6 and up. Participants will DIY three unique friendship bracelets and paint a custom stand to showcase their custom jewelry creations. Unleash your inner Taylor Swift as you delve into the art of bracelet making. This class not only provides a fun and engaging experience but also nurtures fine motor skills, creativity, and a sense of accomplishment.

All necessary materials, including colorful threads, beads, and stand-building supplies, will be provided.

Let your imagination soar as you join us in this delightful exploration of jewelry crafting!

Adults are welcome to join their child &/or participate in making the bracelet holder. Adults can also registister to create a different project that you select from our Studio the day of the workshop. You can pay the difference at the workshop for the project you choose.

In addition to the creativity we will have....

* Taylor Swift Trivia & Prizes

*A TV with Taylor Swift Music/or videos playing

*A custom made bracelet builder tray to use that makes creating the bracelets so much easier (they do not get to take these home)

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