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What we offer

DIY Events

We guide you as you create a DIY Project you will be proud to hang in your home!

Private Events

Bring your friends and family to our Studio in New Richmond, WI or Stanley, WI. At Private Workshop Events your group selects from our full list of DIY signs and projects.  Bring your birthday party, bachelotte party, or any other occasion to Deck the Halls!

Custom Creations

We create custom creatations for you: Wreaths, Garlands, Memory Tiles, Signs and more

Our Story


Maria Hall

Maria is the founder of Deck the Halls and has been a DIY'er for many years.  She has filled her home with DIY projects and is thrilled to share this passion with you.  


She has been a teacher for the last 13 years and thoroughly enjoys everyday working with children and helping them succeed in her class and in life.  


Maria loves spending time with her husband, Nicholas and their two children Mae and Rhett. They enjoy being active together and spending as much time as possible outside.  





Deck the Halls all started from Maria's love to craft and teach.  Crafting has always been one of the hobbies that Maria has enjoyed from creating Memory Tiles, garland, wreaths, signs, and decorating her home with these fun creations.  Having been a teacher for 13 years and loving teaching and crafting equally she wanted to merge the two, and Deck the Halls was created.  Deck the Halls will host a party of any kind for you and your friends to get together to create custom signs for your home.  You bring your party to Deck the Halls and all of the materials will be provided for you, along with instruction to create the most magnificent sign you will be extremely proud to hang in your home.  Deck the Halls will also create custom orders for individuals if they are unable to make it to a DIY Event at Deck the Halls! 

Becky Isenberger

Becky is a fun, creative person that loves to be in the action.  She is a perfect fit for assisting you with your DIY project at Deck the Halls with her excitable nature and energetic personality.  


She has been a teacher for 17 years and is an expert in the field of working with young children and assisting them to become readers and lovers of learning. 


Becky enjoys spending time with her husband, Jason and their three children Carter, Chloe, Cooper and Carsen.

Our Stanley and New Richmond team at Pinners, MN

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